Key Stage 3 School and Library Visits

ALIAS – July 2015
Why would a clever, attractive would-be law student orchestrate a plan to bring London to its knees?
I’m going to answer that with a question:
Why would armed drones fire their devastating weapons without being absolutely sure of who was in the crosshairs?

The interactive sessions for ALIAS are going to cover all sorts of tricky topics – revenge, activism, drone wars and the way the internet gives teenagers the power to act like never before.

Email to book a visit.

HACKED – Nov 2014
I’m not sure teenagers are going to be interested. There’s hacking, police, courts, a white van, a silver Mercedes, a chopper, kissing and vomit, fear and bad jokes. There’s a boy who does something idiotic, a friend who thinks it’s brilliant, and another one that’s terrified for his mate. There are girls, three. A current, an ex- and a sister. It’s set in Bristol. It’s edgy.

Schools are signing up to be part of the HACKED launch tour. In an hour the pupils can go through the process from the basic ideas –

that teenagers don’t always think of consequences

that teenagers know more about computers than adults

that no one knows who anyone really is on the internet

– to the end product, HACKED.

Email to book a visit, but check your firewall first. After all, you don’t know who I really am.