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Redland Green, Bristol Met, Writhlington, St. Bede’s, John Cabot Academy.

The library gang from Bristol Met

Highlights of my tour of Bristol so far –

Barney from Redland Green bought the book, read it in two days, talked about it to his family, and then started reading it again.

Three children from Bristol Met wrote reviews:
‘Your book was great. It was funny and serious.’ Rahimah
‘HACKED is a modern book with a 21st century plot.’ Regina
‘A good read all round.’ Cameron

Sophie from Writhlington – first in the queue

Lots of children from Writhlington bought books.

A girl from St. Bede’s taught me about pathetic fallacy. One of the boys couldn’t believe he lived in the same road as the main character in my book.

John Cabot Academy were full of beans, despite our session being first thing in the morning. There were so many hands in the air we could have filled another hour.